The Question What Is Art Is Probably Just As Eternal As Man

The question “what is art?” is probably just as eternal as man. But in our time has been given a new dimension: the art is equal to be visible in the media. It is superficial and ethically questionable.

During my years as a university teacher, I tutored many students when they wrote essays and dissertations. There are good essays and less good essays. Some students need more guidance, and others less. But all need guidance in the writing and help to provide ideas that are not productive or incompatible with the scientific approach.

There are simply ways of how to use it. And as a supervisor needs to be of assistance during the process by which a work is emerging. Control up, and sometimes stop.

Moreover, there are basic ethical framework. One can for example do not interview people but that they are clear as to what they participate in and approve it.

This is a matter of course in higher education, I thought.

Recent theses from the University College of Arts has shown a different reality, and other standards.

That people should know what they are participating in, or at least get a hint of it, is an ethical rule that apparently does not apply when you play there.

Well, excuse the bantering of the word “play”, but act them is not only created anger among the public and politicians, but also added a glimmer of what actually is indispensable in a society: arts. And that’s bad. Actually fototavlor is a good example.

Much has been written about the two art students who have inflicted harm to both people and property on public resources.

And I get nervous when art student who played the mentally ill say that the discussion of her rampaging is “interesting” and that she wants to get in touch with all the people who tried to help her. (I wonder if they dare to show his humanity again?) Probably gets it all part of her project when it shall finally be presented. The basic course in ethics should start today.

Is everything art? Hardly.

I was flabbergasted over how seriously these highly dubious projects were discussed in the media.

It is not a full-fledged artist in his training, however, that one is not a full-fledged scientists when writing an essay or a thesis.

The two students obviously have a responsibility, and need to think about more than ethics and artistic purposes, for example. But the grave is what appears to be lack of guidance, methodology and ethical thinking on the college that allows this kind of place.

The art must surely, in some way and to some extent, pointing beyond itself and cause the woman / man, and not just be about the comments on contemporary issues and pointing back at the artist himself.

Though I’m not surprised. Seen me, so am I,’s the law we live under.

Should a university foster such a view? It will help to inflate students’ self-images as nothing or no one else can fit? All of the arts? It could be a nice idea, but it is also dangerous.

But street smart it is, undeniably, it has happened:

Do something spectacular, your name will oscillate and is associated with the word “artist”. A destroyed subway car, or save people in psychiatric emergency room, is just boring details on the way to the “fifteen minustes of Fame”, which is the only thing that seems to be desirable today.

I am convinced that there are many great young artists, and I hope that their more subtle way ever manage to break through contemporary drums and roaring.

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